Social Security Administration Dates to Remember

Due to the recent government shutdown, the dates for Tax Year 2013 wage reporting and processing will be delayed, as follows:

  • SSA's Electronic Wage Reporting applications will close on 12/20/13 and reopen 12/13/13;
  • We will accept Tax Year 2013 and prior year files beginning on 12/23/13; and 
  • We will begin to process files received after 12/20/13 on 02/11/14
In addition, there are some changes to the EFW2 file format for Tax Year 2013. You can view them at

Dates to Remember

December 23, 2013                 Business Services Online is available for accepting Tax Year 2013 and prior                                                 year files and W2 Online inputs.

January 1, 2014                       Update payroll systems to reflect the 2014 wage base rates.                                                                        Visit

January 31,2014                      Deadline for providing W-2s to employees.

February 28,2014                   Deadline for filing paper W-2s.

March 31,2014                      Deadline for filing electronic W-2s.

                                                                                    Source: Social Security Administration 11.26.13

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