Whats new in QuickBooks Mac 2013!

QuickBooks Mac 2013 has a lot of exciting new features and big improvements. Here is what to expect:
New and Improved Bank Reconciliations:
  • Statement Date: In 2013 the Statement Date is entered in at the beginning of the Reconciliation Process rather than at the end.
  • Undo Last Reconciliation button: Previously, Mac users had to manually uncheck every transaction to undo a bank reconciliation and start over.
  • Sortable Columns: The Reconciliation Window is now sortable by columns: Date, Check#, Payee, Amt.
  • Exclude Transactions: Now you can exclude transactions after the Statement ending date, simplifying the process of doing older reconciliations.
  • Reconciliation Discrepancies Account: Any minor discrepancies written off at the end of the process are now properly posted to a new account called Reconciliation Discrepancies rather than to Opening Balance Equity. 

 7 New and Improved Preferences:
  1. Attached Documents-NEW!
  2. Backup-IMPROVED!
  3. Intuit Payment Network-NEW!
  4. Report Refresh Preferences-NEW!
  5. Copy and Paste to Import Lists from Excel-NEW!
  6. Batch Invoicing-NEW!
  7. Help-UPDATED!

Give QBGal a call for more information regarding QuickBooks Mac 2013! We have all your answers! www.qbgal.com 


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