QuickBooks Professional Bookeeper

A new version of QuickBooks designed for bookkeeping professionals with multiple clients was released from Intuit in June. This new version of QuickBooks is great for bookkeepers currently using QuickBooks Pro who find it inefficient to manage multiple clients and manage multiple files with the need to switch back and forth between files. QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper has all the functionality of QuickBooks Pro with a few features from QuickBooks Accounting.

QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper doesn't have all the features in QuickBooks Accountant. So if you are already using QuickBooks Accountant, you will want to say in that version.

QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper has QuickBooks Premier Level features so an accountant can see all monthly reconciliations and run a report on them individually. Users cannot do this in QuickBooks Pro. Also like QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper comes with file manager, so users can easily know which client file is relevant and what version of QuickBooks was last used to open it.

Three time-saving tools designed especially for bookkeepers:
  • Work with two files open at the same time: Switch between client files, answer client questions quickly with no workflow disruption and compare related company files side by side.
  • Quickly manage all client files from one screen: The file manager offers one-click access to all of your client files.
  • Keep your favorite tools handy: Organize your most often-used tools with quick access to the Customizable Bookkeeper Center.
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