Download QuickBooks When You've Lost Your Disk

I got a call today from a fellow who had lost his QB 2009 Enterprise disk and needed to install the software on an additional computer.  He had it installed on 3 computers and wanted to add a seat (he owns a 5-user license).  He had misplaced his disk and wondered if he could get a copy or some connection to a download.

My suggestion was to call Intuit and have his license information handy.  They could help him,

Out of curiosity, I did a Google search to see if there is a convenient way to get that download link information without bothering the folks at Intuit for such a simple task....there is!

You can use this link to get downloads of most current versions of your software, but you must have your license information in order to do so.  To get that, just press Ctrl and the 1 key in the top row of your keyboard at the same time.

Keep this information just in case you have this issue in the future....great that Intuit makes it so easy!

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