Installing QuickBooks R9 - Update to New Version Window

If you haven't installed the New Update R9 for QuickBooks 2009 yet, please note that you may get a window that reminds you that you are upgrading the product and asks for your acceptance before proceeding.  Just check the box next to the "I understand......" statement and follow the onscreen instructions. 

Note:  If you have multiple company files in QuickBooks, you will have to do this the first time you open each company file.   

Additionally, once your update is installed on one computer, you must do this on all computers that have that company file if you wish to work in the file from a different office, client/accountant, for example.

For more information about this update, I've reprinted my recent blog below.

Major QuickBooks 2009 Update     

QuickBooks 2009 Release 9 (R9) Won’t Be Backwards Compatible with Earlier Releases of the 2009 Software

Intuit QuickBooks 2009 R9, going out live as an Automatic Update on December 1, has important improvements for both Accountants and their clients. It is strongly recommend that both users apply the update.

However, unlike other updates in recent history, this update will not be backwards compatible with earlier releases of QuickBooks 2009.

This update includes recent changes to tax tables and forms for many states. QuickBooks 2009 R9 includes a patch to the underlying QuickBooks database that further improves data stability in significant ways.

Specifically, QuickBooks 2009 R9 will take advantage of a new Sybase SA10 patch.

While QuickBooks is already remarkably stable, Intuit estimates this patch will remove many remaining data issues in whole or in part.

The update will also improve speed of execution for heavy users, as well as improve performance in selected reports.

Beyond the database updates, the release addresses a large number of specific issues.

Intuit currently expects R9 to be released as follows:

  • Nov. 19, 2009: QuickBooks 2009 R9 release notes and the manual update are made available at the QuickBooks Updates site.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009: The Automatic Update is pushed out to appear as an update in-product. Users should be encouraged to allow automatic updates and to accept the patch.

The release affects Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks Enterprise 9.0. It further affects backwards compatibility with earlier versions of the same software products.

Backwards compatibility in the QuickBooks 2009 Accountant's Copy includes previous releases of QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks 2008.

QuickBooks 2009 R9 will move the underpinnings of the QuickBooks database from Sybase SA10 patch 3712 to patch 3960. Intuit has tested the patch in multiple scenarios and found that with the patch, QuickBooks 2009 shows significant improvements in many areas of data handling, including those areas which are associated with rare instances of data corruption, especially among heavy users.

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