Free Tax Calendar From IRS

Did you know you can get a Free Tax Calendar from the IRS? 

When you visit the IRS site, you can click on the tab below the picture to order the wall calendar. You can order up to 5 copies!  
This is GREAT TOOL for bookkeepers and small business owners!

Check Social Security Numbers Online

Now you can verify current and future employee Social Security numbers online.   Enroll online, then you can access the SSA site to verify employee social security numbers.  Save time, eliminate hassle, verify online!

EFTPS - Sign up to pay your payroll taxes online
Easy to sign up, easy to pay!  Great for managing cash can schedule future payments and pay online.

QuickBooksGal Tip:  

Open a dedicated checking account and keep a minimum balance of $100 in the account.  Then a day or so before your scheduled tax payment, transfer the funds to cover that payment into the "Payroll Tax Checking Account". 

I prefer not to have outside entities accessing my primary business account.  I use a separate checking account for my payroll and payroll taxes.  

Using a dedicated account for payroll, EFTPS and State/Local payroll taxes that are paid online limits my potential loss to whatever cash is in the account should the IRS, or any other authorized accessing entity make an error.  

It is also a safeguard should a dishonest employee attempt to forge or alter a paycheck...they can only get what is in operating account is protected.

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