Changing Bank Accounts after You've Written Checks

“I opened a new checking account, but ran payroll checks through the old checking account in QuickBooks.  
How do I fix them?”

 This is so easy to do....and the answer is's how.
  1. Go to Reports->Banking->Check Detail
  2. In the upper left hand corner of the report, select MODIFY
  3. Select the date range and filter for the the bank account that you incorrectly posted the checks to
  4. Return to the report
  5. Double-click on each check in the report to bring it up on your screen
  6. Change the bank account in the upper portion of the check form to the desired bank account
  7. Press SAVE & CLOSE to complete the correction and return the to modified report
When the report is empty, you will have moved all the checks to the correct account.

Finally, double-check each bank account register to be sure that you have properly reassigned the transactions you wanted to correct.

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