Employee Salary/Wage Rate Report

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Do you need to produce a report by Employee that lists only Employee Name and Wage Rate? In QuickBooks that's easy! Here's how to modify a standard report to include the data you want to report.

  1. In the top tool bar, select Reports
  2. Select Employees & Payroll
  3. Select Employee Contact List from the drop-down list
  4. Once inside the report, select Modify Report in the report tool bar
  5. In the "column" section, remove the check marks from the information choices you don't need.
  6. In the "column" section, place a check mark next to "Employee"
  7. In the "column" section, place a check mark next to "Earnings/1 Rate"
This will customize the report to include only employee names & salary/wage amounts.

As you explore the Modify window, you will find that there are many useful information options you can use to create really great custom reports...by the way, you can use this basic process to Modify any report that has the "Modify Report" button inside the report window.

Try it....it's a great tool!

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