QuickBooks 2007 - What's New?

In this podcast I’ll be discussing what’s new in QuickBooks 2007. Later, I’ll also tell you about some potential problems users of older versions of QuickBooks may experience with Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista.

QuickBooks 2007 is making it easier than ever for small business and accountants to succeed. 2007 reduces data entry errors, improves security, and goes beyond accounting.

For those who might not be familiar with QuickBooks, it is the premier small business accounting program on the market today. There are 3.7 million active QuickBooks users today, with 1.4 million copies of QuickBooks sold in 2006 alone. Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, holds 92% retail market share.

Improvements in the 2007 release include:
Improved install and setup process
Easier installation wizard
New Wizard walks you through getting the right database “hosting” mode set for your situation
Offers Expert installation option for power users
Easy Step Interview Improvements
Easier to choose start date
Simplified Chart of accounts setup
Create New Account Wizard

Money In Improvements
Price levels on estimate
Auto-display Time/Costs windows on invoice
Easier forms customization
Credit limit warning on estimates and sales orders
You can now record a negative credit card deposit for when your returns
are more than your sales
New credit limit warning when creating estimates and sales orders
Know when customers are going to be over the limit

Money out improvements
Auto remember accounts for vendors
Open bills warning
Pay bills warning
Sales tax common tasks combined
Improved handling of incorrectly printed checks

Improved Security and Controls
Audit trail improvements
Past/future date warning
Support for limited user accounts
Backup and restore wizard

Google integration
Help with the biggest problems facing small business today –
Finding new customers!
Google integration includes:
Google search
Google Maps
Google Adwords
QuickBooks Product Listing Service

An area of concern in the QuickBooks world right now has to do with the way QuickBooks works with Internet Explorer 7 and the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Updates to recent versions of QuickBooks improve handling of both Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and Windows Vista -- at various levels.

The following QuickBooks financial software products will now work with Internet Explorer 7.
• QuickBooks 2007 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 was okay with R1 but update to R4 recommended
• QuickBooks 2006 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 update to R7 required and to R9 recommended
• QuickBooks 2005 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5.0 update to R9 required.
• QuickBooks Online Edition
• QuickBooks Point of Sale versions 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0
Intuit recommends that you take the following steps, depending on the oldest version of QuickBooks that you use:
My oldest version of QuickBooks is
• QuickBooks 2007 or (QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0) – good to go (R4 recommended)
• QuickBooks 2006 (or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0) – good to go with R9
• QuickBooks 2005 (or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5.0) – good to go with R9
• QuickBooks 2004 or earlier – decline or remove IE7 and restore IE6. R11 recommended

Internet Explorer 7.0 Resource Center. Intuit created this resource at
The site answers general questions on IE7 with special resources aimed at users of QuickBooks 2004:
Which QuickBooks 2004 operations are affected by IE7.
How to remove IE7 and restore IE6.
Windows Vista to Broadly Released in January 2007. As widely reported in the industry press, Windows Vista was shipped to large corporate users several weeks ago and is expected to be released more broadly through retail and other outlets by the end of January.
You Do Not Need Windows Vista to Run QuickBooks 2007. QuickBooks 2007 and Enterprise Solutions 7.0 do not require Windows Vista to operate. QuickBooks 2007 runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 or later strongly recommended), and Windows 2000 SP3 or later (SP4 or later strongly recommended). Even if you receive QuickBooks files from someone running Windows Vista, you will be able to use your current operating system as long as it supports QuickBooks 2007.
QuickBooks 2006 and Earlier Are Not Supported on Windows Vista. QuickBooks 2006 and prior versions were developed on pre-Vista technology and will not run properly on Windows Vista. Intuit is looking at the third party solutions that Microsoft has suggested could be used to deal with issues of backwards compatibility. These solutions attempt to emulate the earlier Windows environments. However, Intuit is still testing these solutions and is not yet ready to give on a stamp of approval.

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