Peachtree 2007 - What's New?

Hello. I’m Jayne Miller.

Today I want to discuss a 3 issues related to the new Peachtree 2007.

As a bookkeeper and trainer, I keep multiple versions of Peachtree on my computer. As a power user, I was originally frustrated with the new user interface, but after using the program for several months now, I really like it. The new dashboard is great. My clients are really happy with the program.

I’ve only found one thing I don’t like: in this version, you can enter an invoice today that is dated in a prior period. An onscreen warning appears, as usually does, but you now can bypass the warning and enter the invoice with the prior period date. I’m sure this move is an attempt to compete with QuickBooks. However when I use Peachtree, this is one of the features that I consider when I select this software versus QuickBooks.

This year, Peachtree 2007’s new Pervasive Data Base, which is great by the way, presented a problem for me as a bookkeeper with clients using older versions
· How do I work in prior versions of Peachtree without using the new database and potentially causing my clients to upgrade to the higher version? I don’t want to return data to them that is no longer compatible with their older version?

The answer is that you can turn off the PDB. You should have an icon in you system tray that will allow you to STOP ENGINES AND EXIT the PDB. If you right click on the icon and select the stop engines command before you open prior version of Peachtree, you can continue to work and the data you return to your client will be perfectly compatible.

If you for some reason don’t have this icon in your database, you may need to go online to obtain the latest Ptree updates. If that doesn’t add the icon, you can go to my blog for a printed version of a simple command that will accomplish the same thing.

If you have recently upgraded to Peachtree 2007, be sure to go online to get the latest updates. There were some problems with statement reporting in the original release. SR-1 fixed that. SR-2 and SR-3 are out now. I really like the new Peachtree now that most of the “bugs” have been fixed in these service releases.

If you are using Peachtree version 2007 to process payroll and W-2’s, you should be aware that the forms you need to purchase have changed This is only if you use version 2007. With the new Print-N-Sign capabilities in version 2007, the federal, state and employer copies of the W-2 and the W-3 can be printed and submitted on stock blank paper. Employees copies of Form W-2 (Copies B, C, and 2) have to be printed on IRS approved perforated paper, with individual filing instructions pre-printed on the back. The paper is perforated vertically and horizontally, printing 4 copies of an employee’s W2 on one sheet, making this the only form that needs to be purchased. If you use Peachtree Version 2005 or 2006, you will continue to order the same preprinted W2 and W3 forms as prior years. You can go to to order forms online or call Peachtree forms - 800-344-7071 – to order the proper forms.

If you would like a printed version of today’s pod cast or would like to learn more about our services, classes, product discounts, class schedules or pricing, please visit our website at We welcome your emails, questions and comments.

I’m Jayne Miller. Join me next time to learn about the new features in QuickBooks 2007.


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