Intuit Quickbooks + Paypal

Good News!
Quickbooks is teaming up with PayPal

By the end of 2016, small businesses can now send invoices and accept payment through QuickBooks and PayPal.

Yet another way to get paid quicker and easier! If you are a QuickBook user, you will be able to send your customers an invoice through QuickBooks Online and have PayPal be an option for payment. 

Nearly 188 Million people use PayPal. so this update can result in more convenience for you and your customers!

How reliable is this?

PayPal when working with Quickbooks will automatically carry over it's pre-existing data. Also, this past year, Australia implemented PayPal into their Quickbooks and thousands of small businesses found they got paid on average two times faster!

Here are some other features that you may benefit from: 

  • Import PayPal payments and fees into QuickBooks.
  • When a customer pays with PayPal, the invoice will automatically be marked as paid.  

  • Securely download other transactions, such as expenses and bank transfers, into specific categories within QuickBooks.

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