QuickBooks Online 1099: Tips And Tricks

It's Tax Season! 
Time to get the W2 out to the employees and the 1099's printed!

The QuickBooks Gal is here to help make it a bit easier for you and your business!

Here is how to get your 1099 ready!

Getting started:
Go to Vendors - Prepare 1099 - Get Started

Review Company Details!

Fill out all necessary items such as Company Name, Filing Address, Tax ID and the payees name, which is you!

Look over all details, if you need to change anything on the form click the pencil icon on the far right to make changes

Assign Vendor Payments:

The next step is to pick all the categories that go to your vendors and tell QuickBooks which accounts were used to track those payments 

Confirm 1099

The next step is to make sure all information is correct, including name and address

File your 1099!

With QuickBooks Online you have the option to send your 1099 via E-File service or print and mail the forms in your self!
Pretty easy!

Need more help filling out your 1099?
Check out this link:

Or call The QuickBooks Gal!

The QuickBooks Gal is always here for any questions or concerns! 


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