QuickBooks Online: Create and Manage Invoices

New to QuickBooks Online?

Don't worry the QuickBooks Gal is here

How to create an invoice:
  1. Select the customer you would like to make an invoice to. It this is your first customer QuickBooks Online will guide you step by step.
  2. Choose the payment terms. This is the date you would like to be paid, it is defaulted to every 30 days but you are welcomed to change it depending on your wants and needs.
  3. Enter the product or service you are providing 
  4. Enter the rate or how much you want to charge the individual
  5. Choose the income account which categorises your receivables 

And you're done! Simple and easy! 
QuickBooks Online allows you to manage your business anytime, anywhere no matter where you are or what time of day. Do Payroll the easy way!Simply turn it on whenever you need it!Tax calculations and forms are completed for you! Which means less work for you :)

Make the switch to QuickBooks Online 


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