2015 QuickBooks Maintenance Update

QuickBooks has updated! Here are some of the issues that were resolved:

Fix for Printing of PrePrinted Forms - Fixed an issue that caused the footer fields (Subtotal, Sales Tax, Total, Payments/Credits) to not print when using the setting intended to print on Pre-printed forms (from Intuit).

Network Issue Help not working – There was a problem encountered when clicking the ‘tell me more” button some users experienced 'errors'. It will now take you to the appropriate Technical Support. 

Accountant Toolbox Errors – The new ‘accountant’s toolbox’ which can only be accessed in QuickBooks Pro and Premier by an External Accountant User  was displaying some “License Not Found” error. 

All these errors should be fixed with the new QuickBooks Update! 

As always if you have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks do not hesitate to call


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