How to create an invoice in QuickBooks Online

Create an invoice in a few easy steps:
1. Select the customer you’d like to invoice. If it’s your first
customer, you’ll be guided step by step.
2. Choose your payment terms. This is the date you’d like to be
paid. The default is net 30 days.
3. Enter the product or service you’re selling (e.g., design services).
4. Enter a description of the service or product for your customer
(e.g., Graphic design for Jane’s website).
5. Enter the rate or how much you’ve charged the customer.
6. Choose an income account which categories your receivables
(the money coming in to your business).


Customize your invoices to fit your business:
You can easily customize our standard invoices to fit your
business needs. Want to add discounts, show quantities, or
automatically include VAT on your invoices? No problem.
Just click the “customize” button on your invoice screen and
discover how you can tailor the invoices to meet your specific

Add your logo for a professional look:
Adding a logo is easy and it makes a standard invoice look even
more professional.
To add your logo, go to the Customers menu and select
Customize Printed Forms.

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