What's New in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

You may be wondering what is new in Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0/ 13.0/14.0. Well the QuickBooks Gal is here to help explain.

Introduced in 12.0
Introduced in 13.0
Introduced in 14.0
Enhanced Inventory Receiving
Auto Pos
Job Costing
Faster Form Completion
Default Classes
Automatic Price Adjustments
Higher List Limits
Maximum Stock Levels for Auto Pos
More Price Levels
Bin Location Tracking
Create Thousands of Price Rules
Complete more activities in multi-user mode
Barcode Scanning
Manage price rules with great fexibility
FIFO Inventory Costing

Serial Number or Lot Tracking

Here is a closer look at the new features added for 2014.

Job Costing
Get a better handle on the current financial state of your jobs and projects:

  • Be able to track reps by job, not just by customer
  • Be able to filter reports by job status
  • Be able to run WIP reports
  • Be able to run Committed Costs reports
  • View expenses by rep with he use of the customizable purchase forms


  • Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, instead of having to build each subassembly individually.
  • Use the BOM cost as the cost for an assembly and choose to allow QuickBooks to update assembly costs and price when component costs change, instead of manually updating costs.
  • Work with assemblies in Add/Edit Multiple List Entries, similar to a spreadsheet. 

Maximum Stock Level for Auto PO's

  • Don't worry about minimum or maximum stock levels because now turn purchasing into a two-click operation.
  • Store min and max quantities for each item, and QuickBooks enters the quantity to order for you.    

 Also don't forget about the new Advanced Pricing Add-on

Create Thousands of Price Rules 
Set sophisticated price rules based on any combination of customers items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more.

Manage price rules with great flexibility
Apply multiple price rules at once or mark rules as exclusive; change which price rules apply at time of transaction.

 If you have any questions or concerns about QuickBooks we are always happy to help!
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