QuickBooks Tutorial: How to Enter Bills in QuickBooks 2013

Here are step by step directions on how to enter a bill in QuickBooks 2013.

1. Under the Vendor tab (at the top of the screen) select Enter Bills OR Use the Enter Bills icon on the home page.

2. Select/Add the vendor you wish to pay from the drop down menu. 

3. Enter the bill information such as the current date, the reference number, the amount due, and when the bill must be paid by. 

4. You can also add the terms, discount date, and a memo if you would like to include the bill details. 

5. Code the bill by selecting the approproate account. You can also assign a customer and/or class to the bill. 

6. Click Save and Close. Done!

Here is a video showing what to look for in QuickBooks. 

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