W-4 2013

A W-4 determines how much of your income will be withheld by the government. It is a form you fill out at least once a year, maybe more. This depends on if there are any changes in your life. For example if you get a second job, go from single to married or vice versa, or have any children this can affect your income withholding's. By updating it regularly you minimize the chance of having too much or too little withheld by the government.

The newest alteration to the W-4 2013 form are the changes in the tax and withholding tables. You can take a look at the Tax Withholding Tables online as well.

Below is an image of what this years W-4 2013 form looks like.

To get a copy of your latest W-4 2013 form, go to the IRS W-4 Page to download it today and make sure to update it regularly!
TIP: Individuals must have W-4 forms in by 2.15.2013! 


  1. Thanks for some quality thoughts there. I am kind of new to web surfing, so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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