Hiring Do's and Don'ts: Part I

It's the New Year so whether you're starting a new business, expanding, or rearranging, there are some ideas that will make your hiring process run more smoothly.

The ideal new employee will help grow your business, while the wrong choice can be an expensive mistake. Here are some tips:

1. Do pre-screen candidates on the phone.
2. Do prepare candidates for the interview. If you want to see samples of their work, let them know in advance.
3. Do interview several candidates—at least three if you can.
4. Do listen more than you talk.
5. Do be realistic—about job responsibilities, experience required, salary and benefits.
6. Do stick to the same evaluation process for each candidate.
7. Don't make promises of job security.
8. Don't hire someone just because you know them.
9. Don't be overly impressed by credentials from big corporations or well-known universities.
10. Don't be swayed by your first impression. Let the conversation flow. For important jobs, arrange for a second in-person interview with your top prospects before you make your final choice.

Jobs For Someone You Know

You may have already identified someone you'd like to hire—a friend, family member, former colleague, or someone referred to you by someone you trust. It might be someone who wouldn't fit a typical job description, but you know they can do a dynamite job. Small businesses often grow in the direction of key employees' talents and contacts. It's still important to create a job description. Look at your greatest needs and see which they're best suited for. This can be a collaborative process. A good job description helps both of you understand the scope of the job and what is expected of them.

More to come in this series about hiring! GOOD LUCK!

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