Banking Safety Tips

To protect yourself from crime:

• Park near the ATM/night depository.

• Have your bankcard ready before getting out of your car.

• When you are making a deposit, fill out the envelope before getting out of your car.

• Always turn your car off while you are at the ATM or night depository.

• Check your surroundings; do not attempt a transaction if you see anyone loitering near the ATM or night depository.

• When entering your identification code, shield the keyboard from anyone who may be in line behind you or observing from a distance.

• If you are in the middle of a transaction and become uncomfortable, press cancel, take your card and leave.

• Before leaving the ATM, make sure you have your card, receipt and cash.

• Do not count currency in view of others; pocket your cash and ATM card before leaving the ATM.

• Have your keys ready before you get to your car.

For drive-up ATMs:

• Drive close enough to the ATM so that you can reach the ATM through the window (and do not leave your car).

• Keep your doors locked, your car running and your windows not in use closed.

And, of course, report lost or stolen ATM cards or suspected misuse of a card to your bank immediately.


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