Why Won't Employee Show Up In Pay Employees Window?

I got a call the other day from a client who was about to proc
ess payroll. She discovered that one of her employees was not showing up in the list of employees to pay.

She went to the employee list...he was there. She went back to the Pay Employees screen, he wasn't there.

She called me to find out what the issue was.

It was simple....he was a former employee that had returned. When he did, she went to his profile and made him ACTIVE again. Everything looked great onscreen and it appeared that she had done everything correctly.

She had, however, forgotten one step: She had neglected to remove the TERMINATION DATE in his profile. As long as his file was marked Terminated, he would not show up in the Pay Employees window.

I suggested that she record a NOTE in his profile indicating his original employment date, the subsequent termination date, then modify his file to reflect the current re-employment date and eliminate the termination date. Once that was done, everything worked fine.

Remember, making an employee inactive will not terminate them; it will only stop their name from appearing on future Pay Employee windows. Any activity recorded for them will still appear in Payroll Reports and W-2's, but they will not show up when you record employee hours.

Conversely, once you've entered a termination date then just re-activating a returning or seasonal employee will not make them visible in the Pay Employees window.

I hope you find this useful...check back for more QuickBooks Gal tips.

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