Can't Email from QuickBooks?

Recently a client mentioned that she was having trouble emailing invoices from QuickBooks. The trouble started after she upgraded from QuickBooks 2006 to QuickBooks 2009. She had always emailed before, but now there seemed to be a problem.

If you are having problems, you may try the following steps to see if that will correct your issues:

Go to the “Edit” menu and select “Preferences.”

Select “Service Connection” and from the “My Preferences” tab, UN-CHECK the box next to “If QuickBooks is run by my browser, don’t close it after Web Connect is done.”

Once finished, select Save & Close. Now try sending a client invoice to yourself to assure that things are working correctly again.

By the way, it is a good idea to send yourself a Bcc whenever you send invoices to your clients....lets' you know that the email went through and allows you to see what your client sees.

I also like to keep a folder in my email by month....I store all emailed invoices. Then if a client says he didn't get an invoice, I have it right there in my email ready to forward, complete with the original date that it was sent.

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