What Is An Accountant's Copy?

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Does you Accountant need to work in your file offsite and you need to maintain day-to-day operations that will not allow you to stay out of the file while he or she has it?
The answer is The Accountant's Copy.

If your accounting professional wants you to review your QuickBooks file and make adjustments to your books, but you don't want to lose access to their books while they work in the file, you can give them an Accountant's Copy of your data.

That way you can continue your day-to-day operations with QuickBooks while the Accountant enters adjustments into the Accountant's Copy you gave them . The Accountant can even work transactions from previous fiscal periods while you continue to work in "real time".

When your Accountant has finished, they import their changes into your company file. At no point during the process do you lose the ability to work with your QuickBooks data.

Here's how you create an Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to the File menu, click Accountant's Copy, click Client Activities, and then click Save File.

  2. Confirm you want to create an Accountant's Copy and click Next.

  3. Choose a dividing date.

  4. Click Next.

  5. (Optional) Change the suggested location for the file and the filename that QuickBooks suggests for the accountant's copy. The file must have a .qbx extension.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Give the Accountant's Copy transfer file (.qbx) to your accountant and continue work.

After saving the Accountant's copy, QuickBooks displays "Accountant's Changes Pending" in the title bar.

I hope this tip is useful. Please tune in again for another QuickBooks Gal Minute.

Got a QuickBooks Mess? Call The QuickBooks Gal!

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