Nevada Modified Business Tax Form Now included in QuickBooks State Payroll Forms

The Nevada Modified Business Tax Form is a great addition
to the latest QuickBooks Payroll Tax Update!

This is Really Great News!

QuickBooks most recent payroll tax update for Enhanced Payroll Service has added a new form that calculates Nevada Modified Business Tax!

It is not a form that can be mailed or electronically submitted, however it will calculate the Modified Business Tax liability before qualified medical deductions, prior credits or past due amounts.

Thanks Intuit! This is a wonderful tool! Payroll just gets better all the time!

If you are not using QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, maybe it is time to consider upgrading your payroll product now. Intuit is working hard to improve their products - they've hit a home run with this one!

Drop us a line if you have questions...we'll be glad to help!

Enhanced Payroll helps you save time
and is most complete in-house payroll solution.
Pay employees with convenient Direct Deposit
or print paychecks from your PC.
Automatically fill in federal and state tax forms with QuickBooks data
- just print, sign, and mail.
Or, use E-File & Pay at no additional charge.

If you haven't downloaded the most recent payroll updates, do this as soon as possible.
Next month we'll be processing quarterly reports - you won't be using the most current forms if you don't!

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