Changes to 2007 W-2, Minimum Wage, & More

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Today I want to talk a little about the changes to the 2007 W-2 form (don't forget to order your forms soon), and remind you of the changes in the Federal and State minimum wage laws (last July) . As a bookkeeper, payroll supervisor, or consultant, you will want to be advised of these changes and how they affect your state.

Changes to W-2 forms for 2007

The Social Security Number is being moved to the top of the W-2 form as the result of complaints that in the current form, where the number is underneath the name/address window in the envelope, it was sometimes visible.

Federal Minimum Wage changes are not the only changes to be aware of. Some but not all states altered their state minimum wage rates in July.

As a bookkeeper or payroll supervisor, you will need to know how your state is affected.

The states that have no minimum wage and therefore use the federal minimum wage are: AL, LA, MS, SC, TN.

The states that explicitly use the federal minimum wage are: GA, ID, IN, NH, NM, ND, OK, PR, SD, TX, UT, VA, WY.

The states that increased their minimum wage effective July 1. 2007 are: IL, MI, NV, PA, WV.

Payroll rates and bases - 2007

Soc. Sec. and Medicare rates 6.20%/1.45%

Social Security wage limit $97,500

Medicare wage limit Unlimited
FUTA taxable wage base $7,000
FUTA rate 6.2%
FUTA maximum credit 5.4%
Minimum FUTA deposit rate 0.8%

Mileage - 2007




Charitable rate

* Can be used only if taxpayer owns/leases a passenger auto, van, pickup, or panel truck not for hire (e.g. as taxi) that was not depreciated under ACRS, MACRS, or Sec. 179 in earlier years.
-The General Ledger, August 2007

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